On 23 April, I’ll do my ‘Workout’ at MCA!

Guess what! On Tuesday I’ll totally douche my workout at the gym to do my ‘Workout’ at MCA (the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, ‘douchebag’!)

22-28 April at MCA Level 1 North it is happening ‘WORKOUT:7 Days of Experimental Performance‘ Each day, everyday, another artist (never the same) will have to work out a way to be artsy about workout using his/her body (for obvious reasons, I’d say) and daily objects.

If I were you, I wouldn’t miss Tuesday’s performance (Tuesday. 23 April. MCA. 10am-5pm) It’s The Motel Sisters day with Liam Benson and Naomi Oliver and yours truly as artist assistant. Yes. That’s the show!

The Motel Sisters is a collaborative, multi-faceted duo from Western Sydney whose work engages with society, pop culture and the contemporary art scene. Having risen to fame as ‘art scene socialites’, they use their profile to explore the relationship between their suburban roots and their role as emerging artists. Alongside their guerrilla-style public performances, The Motel Sisters frequently utilise social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to perform and exhibit their work. In their new work My Little Kony (2013) they recreate the iconic Bed-In for Peace protest made by Yoko Ono and John Lennon in 1969.


Central Press/Getty Images

In their 2013 version, the artists take on the role of ‘slacktivists’, lying in bed with their laptops, ordering takeaway food, watching reality TV clips on YouTube and ‘liking’ socially conscious causes on social media. Apparently bedridden through obesity caused by an over lethargic lifestyle, The Motel Sisters also use their time to write idle complaint letters to organisations and government bodies that fail to meet their opinionated expectations.

It doesn’t sound awesome. It is awesome. Have I mentioned I am The Motel Sisters‘ artist assistant?


Aside from The Motel Sisters, 7 other artists are on board: David Capra, Domenico de Clario, Brian Fuata, Sarah Goffman, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Susan Gibb and Jodie Whalen.

Schedule is generaly 10am-5pm but check it out for the day. You might have the nice surprise that the one you are interested in to start earlier. Or to last longer 🙂


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