13 Rooms

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13 Rooms, 13 artists, over 100 performers, only 11 days, but it’s not all about the numbers!

Kaldor Public Art Projects brings at Pier 2/3 in Sydney’s Walsh Bay a notable exhibit originally commissioned as ‘11 Rooms’ by Manchester International Festival, the International Arts Festival RUHRTRIENNALE 2012-2014 and Manchester Art Gallery. With couple of new works, ‘13 Rooms‘ in Sydney includes iconic artists as Marina Abramović, John Baldessari and Joan Jonas along with other major figures in contemporary art today: Damien Hirst; Tino Sehgal; artist duo Allora and Calzadilla; Simon Fujiwara; Xavier Le Roy; Laura Lima; Roman Ondák; Santiago Sierra; Xu Zhen; and Australian artist duo Clark Beaumont.

You can get above a phonetographic peek to most of the rooms (as I was Instagram-ing everything!) except the ones designed by Marina Abramović and Joan Jonas (nudity-due restrictions).

Highly disturbing, Simon Fujiwara’s installation, Future/Perfect, 2012, presents a man cocooned on a tanning bed, learning a foreign language using his headphones, and mechanically repeating unrelated questions and phrases, building up alienation feelings among the audience. Get a better sense of it here:

The constraints of physics are challenged by Xu Zhen’s work, In Just a Blink of an Eye, 2005, featuring a body mysteriously floating in mid-air, frozen in time and space:

5ef1dc70a5b011e2bb0f22000a1fbc94_7but the most entertaining and engaging representation is the one of Roman Ondák, Swap, 2011. Art and everyday life are themselves ‘swapped’ in a constant chat and swap between the performer, sitting behind the table, and the public. While there, an almond was swapped for an used but washed 3 months old plastic spoon 🙂

Just go! 21 April is the last day!

Entry is FREE!!! and the exhibit runs between 11am – 7pm.


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