The Motel Sisters Workout @ MCA

… was literally awesome! For your own good, I can only hope you were one of the hundreds and hundreds visiting MCA on Tuesday… or maybe one of the fewer invited to share the bed with the Motel Sisters Paris and Tacky (when not on stage, friends call them Liam Benson and Naomi Oliver)


Paris and Tacky recreated the Bed-In Peace Protest originally performed by Yoko Ono and John Lennon in 1969 and spiced it up with social media ‘slacktivism’ and heaps of junk food and pizza – here’s my list of Starbucks errands:


Confined to bed by obesity, Paris and Tacky were not sluggish at all when it came to liking Facebook causes (btw, befriend them here), watching YouTube videos or twittering on their laptops or iPhones (all connected to video projectors). I could only put my iPad to work and dedicate myself to Instagram-ing (the Sisters didn’t take it over yet!)

Barely keeping up with their prolific activity, public didn’t know to which screen they should watch first… When deciding was too difficult, jumping into sisters’ bed helped getting a better view – and which view is better than a view from the other side? It was then when the true fun began!

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