If anyone, by curiosity, would open my brain…

If anyone, by curiosity, would open my brain, would find:

love, love, love (All I need is love!)

Paris New York Sydney (don’t tell me you need more on this!)

bears and mice (Ssts! This a family secret!)

books (yep, I’m a big reader; when I don’t read books, I smell them – they need to be unused for this weird activity – I’m just not let’s-don’t-print-anymore-books-for-saving-the-planet-material :) ) special mention of New Yorker‘s stories here!

a bookstore (it’s just something about them! hm, maybe… the books? :) )

words (I love to write and this is how I earn some nice cash!)

my camera (I’m the very proud, happy and grateful owner of the newest and best Cannon possible that I received for my birthday!)

photographs – others’ and my very own ones (don’t tell this would be a surprise after I just mention my fancy camera!!! of course, I’m a photographer, what else have you thought?)

social media (I’m alLover it as a rush!)

my painting wooden box (I like it so much that I barely use it – I know, it’s such a pity, I should enjoy it more!)

coffee and cookies (I know, I know, I feel so guilty!!! Have I mentioned that I have a dangerous addiction to brownies? Not that vanilla cream would make me go away :))

coffee shops (like fancy, artsy spicy coffee shops – it comes quite naturally after coffee, heh?)

brunches and grasses matinees (check the French dictionary!)

a big fat wallet (of course, I’d love it to be fat from all the money I could spend in one day out, but the truth is I just like fat wallets :) )

funny mugs (they don’t make coffee tasting better but they make my day feeling better :) )

hipsters, hipsters’ hats and hipster magazine 🙂

music of many tastes: jazz, gospel, morna, cuban or classical; dance bot classical and contemporary; art mostly contemporary!

vegan foods! so yummy yummy yummy!

gym – my gym!

nice pens and notebooks (that’s a high-school addiction – what chances I’d have fighting against it? :) )

orange, burnt orange and oranges (honestly, I have no ideas how it has started!)

museums and art galleries (of all kinds, but I’m the kind of girl who never misses an art show – I think it’s my curatorial experience who’ll never go to sleep!)

my research (I know I sound like a nerd but I did enjoy working on my research :) )

a wild forrest (where else one can find such beautiful noises and silences the same time?)

the city! (no, I couldn’t live in a forrest! have you really bought that? I’m a big city girl. no, not a big city girl. A huge city girl!)

art films (and not only!) and tv-shows (certain tv-shows! “Twin-Peaks” like tv-shows, no other craps! pls!) but I wouldn’t say no to a Gilmore Girls with a cuppa!

girlie stuff!

traveling (I’m a born globe-trotter! Would it be too crazy if I’d tell you that I would like visit all continents? Ok, maybe I wouldn’t insist on the Antarctic right now, but one day….!)


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