Japanese Textile Design Exhibit

Last week I was invited to the launch of the Japanese Textile Design Exhibit at Masuda Gallery in Darlinghurst. Warmed-up with some wine and delicious sushi by Masuda, our lovely host, my heart felt for the beautiful Japanese vintage and contemporary textiles, the delicacy of the fabric, and the artistry of the design.

Give yourself a chance to get inspired every Wednesday to Saturday, 11.00 to 17.00, till June 8th (to check this special exhibit) and afterwords to discover new amazing bits and pieces of Japanese decorative arts.

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Pin & Win!

In deep need of a copy of ‘Shoe Obsession‘?


Yale Press Log, the discouragingly active and au courant official blog of Yale University Press, will send some love and a copy of the aforementioned shoe and boot lovers book if you Pin it a photo of your favorite outrageous shoes!

Click & check out some Pinterested shoes. Or don’t. You will crave.


The Motel Sisters Workout @ MCA

… was literally awesome! For your own good, I can only hope you were one of the hundreds and hundreds visiting MCA on Tuesday… or maybe one of the fewer invited to share the bed with the Motel Sisters Paris and Tacky (when not on stage, friends call them Liam Benson and Naomi Oliver)


Paris and Tacky recreated the Bed-In Peace Protest originally performed by Yoko Ono and John Lennon in 1969 and spiced it up with social media ‘slacktivism’ and heaps of junk food and pizza – here’s my list of Starbucks errands:


Confined to bed by obesity, Paris and Tacky were not sluggish at all when it came to liking Facebook causes (btw, befriend them here), watching YouTube videos or twittering on their laptops or iPhones (all connected to video projectors). I could only put my iPad to work and dedicate myself to Instagram-ing (the Sisters didn’t take it over yet!)

Barely keeping up with their prolific activity, public didn’t know to which screen they should watch first… When deciding was too difficult, jumping into sisters’ bed helped getting a better view – and which view is better than a view from the other side? It was then when the true fun began!

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Words, words, words!

I have stumbled upon some vintage English words. Although most of them are quite lovely, for some reasons they run out of style. Here is ‘s selection for the Death and Taxes Mag.

I have three favs:

  • Wonder-wench: A sweetheart — “The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten” by Jeffrey Kacirk
  • Soda-squirt: One who works at a soda fountain in New Mexico — Elsie Warnock’s “Dialect Speech in California and New Mexico”, 1919
  • Jirble: To pour out (a liquid) with an unsteady hand: as, he jirbles out a dram — www.Wordnik.com

But you can find many more in the “The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten” by Jeffrey Kacirk, or the Obsolete Word of The Day blog (not updated lately though)

As Chanel deuxpièces, there are words who would never get old fashioned. For instance, ‘campus’ and ‘trivia’. Did you know that Julius Caesar used them, too? If you want to check what other words you might have in common with him, go here. But unless you are into Roman fashion or Roman Empire strategy games, there are not many other affinities left between you two 🙂

13 Rooms

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13 Rooms, 13 artists, over 100 performers, only 11 days, but it’s not all about the numbers!

Kaldor Public Art Projects brings at Pier 2/3 in Sydney’s Walsh Bay a notable exhibit originally commissioned as ‘11 Rooms’ by Manchester International Festival, the International Arts Festival RUHRTRIENNALE 2012-2014 and Manchester Art Gallery. With couple of new works, ‘13 Rooms‘ in Sydney includes iconic artists as Marina Abramović, John Baldessari and Joan Jonas along with other major figures in contemporary art today: Damien Hirst; Tino Sehgal; artist duo Allora and Calzadilla; Simon Fujiwara; Xavier Le Roy; Laura Lima; Roman Ondák; Santiago Sierra; Xu Zhen; and Australian artist duo Clark Beaumont.

You can get above a phonetographic peek to most of the rooms (as I was Instagram-ing everything!) except the ones designed by Marina Abramović and Joan Jonas (nudity-due restrictions).

Highly disturbing, Simon Fujiwara’s installation, Future/Perfect, 2012, presents a man cocooned on a tanning bed, learning a foreign language using his headphones, and mechanically repeating unrelated questions and phrases, building up alienation feelings among the audience. Get a better sense of it here:

The constraints of physics are challenged by Xu Zhen’s work, In Just a Blink of an Eye, 2005, featuring a body mysteriously floating in mid-air, frozen in time and space:

5ef1dc70a5b011e2bb0f22000a1fbc94_7but the most entertaining and engaging representation is the one of Roman Ondák, Swap, 2011. Art and everyday life are themselves ‘swapped’ in a constant chat and swap between the performer, sitting behind the table, and the public. While there, an almond was swapped for an used but washed 3 months old plastic spoon 🙂

Just go! 21 April is the last day!

Entry is FREE!!! and the exhibit runs between 11am – 7pm.

On 23 April, I’ll do my ‘Workout’ at MCA!

Guess what! On Tuesday I’ll totally douche my workout at the gym to do my ‘Workout’ at MCA (the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, ‘douchebag’!)

22-28 April at MCA Level 1 North it is happening ‘WORKOUT:7 Days of Experimental Performance‘ Each day, everyday, another artist (never the same) will have to work out a way to be artsy about workout using his/her body (for obvious reasons, I’d say) and daily objects.

If I were you, I wouldn’t miss Tuesday’s performance (Tuesday. 23 April. MCA. 10am-5pm) It’s The Motel Sisters day with Liam Benson and Naomi Oliver and yours truly as artist assistant. Yes. That’s the show!

The Motel Sisters is a collaborative, multi-faceted duo from Western Sydney whose work engages with society, pop culture and the contemporary art scene. Having risen to fame as ‘art scene socialites’, they use their profile to explore the relationship between their suburban roots and their role as emerging artists. Alongside their guerrilla-style public performances, The Motel Sisters frequently utilise social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to perform and exhibit their work. In their new work My Little Kony (2013) they recreate the iconic Bed-In for Peace protest made by Yoko Ono and John Lennon in 1969.


Central Press/Getty Images

In their 2013 version, the artists take on the role of ‘slacktivists’, lying in bed with their laptops, ordering takeaway food, watching reality TV clips on YouTube and ‘liking’ socially conscious causes on social media. Apparently bedridden through obesity caused by an over lethargic lifestyle, The Motel Sisters also use their time to write idle complaint letters to organisations and government bodies that fail to meet their opinionated expectations.

It doesn’t sound awesome. It is awesome. Have I mentioned I am The Motel Sisters‘ artist assistant?


Aside from The Motel Sisters, 7 other artists are on board: David Capra, Domenico de Clario, Brian Fuata, Sarah Goffman, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Susan Gibb and Jodie Whalen.

Schedule is generaly 10am-5pm but check it out for the day. You might have the nice surprise that the one you are interested in to start earlier. Or to last longer 🙂

Bonjour mes petits coeurs au beurre!

I am zouper excited to invite you to my new little, cozy, artsy-spicy place! We’ll sip and chat on all the lovely things out there: fashion, books, arts, foods, beauty, crafties, and many, many more!

It is being quite a while since I have started preparing our petite powwow, and wrote, sized, changed, fashioned, resized, fit, cut, rewrote, and tailored everything twice by now – and guess what, my ‘vision of love’ is still far from perfect, but we’ll button up all the details together.

Cherry on cupcake, we’ll find inspiration and grow our creativity and originality while overly indulging our aesthetic minds &  souls! Let’s be lovely!